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studio School

for artists and art students from around the world

The Cost and Available Dates


The Cyprus Studio School operates from early October to the end of May annually. It is not available in the Summer months (book instead on the Cyprus Summer Studio for those months).


   We ask people to book for an initial minimum of a two week

     period, with each additional week (or part of a week) charged after



      The initial two week period is charged at 180 euro. This allows for a single

       room. After that each week is charged at 80 euro a week. This pays for studio

         space. Technnically we do not charge for the basic youth hostel style living

          accommodation we offer in Lempa for those offered studio space ("rent

           free"). A charge for utility bills is also made for stays of four weeks or more

            of 10 euro a month.


             You can book for any two week period initially and we will let you know if

              there is space at the time you wish to attend. If you leave the

               accommodation (for example to travel around the island or region) we will

                still have to charge you for attendance if the studio space and room are

                 not vacated.


                 There is a 10% discount on all fees for stays of six weeks or more

                 when paid in advance.


                Not included: your travel (usually air fare) to and from Cyprus, any travel                   within Cyprus, travel (medical) insurance, food, art materials or other                          sundries.


              If you want to stay longer than two months it usually costs less to

              apply for our Artists' Residency Programme or to ask us about the

              possibility of special arrangements. Click here for details.


         Remember stays on the Cyprus Studio School programme are not available between 1 June and 30 September, but all dates outside of this period are possible subject to space being available.



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