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Artist Ruth Borwnlee in her studio in Scotland.

For further information on Ruth click here.



for Artists and Writers (from 3 months full time)

Many of the artists who come to the Cyprus College of Art are not interested in attending a formal course or obtaining a piece of paper saying they are somehow 'qualified' as an artist. As we all know, a certificate does not make you an artist, even if it does have the name of a well known university at the top of it.


In fact, pursuing that piece of paper can harm the development of art as it can warp people's priorities so that passing an assessment or exam becomes more important than making high quality art.


We welcome artists and recent art graduates who simply want space in which to work, and our three month PG Workspace in Fine Art is ideal for anyone who simply wants low cost studio workspace and accommodation, and a supportive environment in which to simply get on with making art.


Although you will technically be enrolled on the Postgraduate Certificate in Fine Art, as a Workspace Artist you will not be required to take part in any of the formal classes or assessment tasks, but you will share studio space with students on that programme, and can take part in as many or as few of the educational, social and other events that are part of that course as you want. For example, you might not want to write an assessed essay but you might want to take part in some of the group exhibitions that we organise.


In short, you can join in as much or as little as you want i nthe formal programmes of the College.

First organised in 1978, this is an extremely well-respected opportunity that attracts painters, sculptors and other artists from around the world, and in particular from Britain, Ireland and the European Union, and the United States and Canada. We also welcome writers, film-makers, musicians and other creative people wanting to spend time in an environment like ours, although do bear in mind it is a primitive and low tech space, so if you need specialist equipment you will need to bring it with you.

There are three possible start dates in 2014:

Option 1: 10 June to 10 September 2014


Option 2: 15 September to 15 December 2014


Option 3: 15 February to 15 May 2015


It might be possible to stay for longer than three months providing

room is available.

Course Transfer


One of the advantages of attending the PG Workspace rather than simply being a visiting artist is that it gives a loose but real structure to your activities, which recent graduates might find useful as a halfway house between university life and the sometimes daunting and cruel wider world of art. Also artists who have been out of education for some time, but who are looking to refocus on their art, have found this a useful programme.

Another advantage is that if you do decide you want the qualification you can transfer into the Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma very easily, although there is no pressure to do so.


By the time the programme is due to start you should have completed a BA or BFA degree in Fine Art or similar studio arts programme. We do not require specific grades, as we consider the grading of art degrees to be nonsense, and so we will base our decision on whether to offer you a place on the programme on your application form, referee statements and on seeing images of your work. The primary language of the Cyprus College of Art is English, but as there is no written coursework for this programme you do not need an English qualification to join.

Programme Code: PGW
Programme Name: Studio Workspace
Programme fee: €750 (euro) for a three month stay.

No bursary or scholarship funding is available from the College.


The programme fee pays for studio space. For living accommodation rates see below.


This programme is available to European Union and EEA citizens, AND citizens of green list countries. For a list of green list countries please click here.

Living accommodation in Lempa (Paphos)


Rent free living accommodation is available at Lempa. Please note this is rent free, not "included in the fee" so there is no fee reduction if you do not take the rent free accommodation.


In the College accommodation at Lempa accommodation utility bills are still payable by the students and resident artists, including participants in this programme.


All College accommodation is single room and self catering with shared bathroom/WC and kitchen facilities. This living accommodation is very basic and youth hostel in style.


Living Accommodation in Larnaca


In Larnaca we do not have our own living accommodation, but this can be arranged for overseas visitors not normally resident in Cyprus.


A typical studio apartment for one person in Larnaca is 180 to 200 euro a month. A one bedroom apartment for one or two people is typically 200 to 250 a month. And a two bedroom apartment is typically 250 to 350 a month, although all of these prices depend on your requirements. This excludes utility bills.


You also usually have to pay a deposit, which is typically 500 euro. This is returned to you by the landlord following your vacation of the property, providing all utility bills are paid up and no damage has occurred.


To apply for accommodation you should first apply for a place on the programme. If you are offered a place on the course you will then be sent information on how to apply for living accommodation through our Accommodation Partner Office.

Credit Bearing Status


This is a non-credit bearing programme.




Deadline for Applications: Ongoing. We recommend as early application as possible especially if you require living accommodation.


To apply now online please click here


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