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Our accommodation is very simple youth

hostel style accommodation, with shared 

bathroom and cooking facilities, and

everyone chips in to keep the place clean.


It is simple, but very pleasant

accommodation, but it is not in the least 

bit luxurious.


Is that a problem? You might not think so

in high summer when the average

daytime temperature is between

30 and 40 celsius but in January and

February it can be very cold in Cyprus.

Not as cold as, say Britain or Canada,

but our buildings are not built for winter,

which is a very short time of year in Cyprus.


That means heat comes from portable heaters and best of all from the

open log fire in the communal kitchen. Even so, you will still have to cross the garden, outside, to get to the WC and shower block, and in those months a hot water bottle at night is a must.


That said, even in the depths of winter we have days of astonishing sunshine, and the bright light is overwhelming. It is just a matter of being prepared.


Do also bear in mind that Lempa is a rural community, where you will be living close to nature, so nature, with its animals and plants, is never far away and sometimes pays us a visit. Again that is not something everyone likes, so if it is a problem for you then this is probably not a good place for you to come.


That said, many great artists who have stayed here in the past have loved it, including Euan Uglow, Terry Frost, Jennifer Durrant, Humphrey Ocean, Jon Isherwood, Mali Morris, Rachel Whiteread to name but a few.


Rooms can be taken either as singles or twins. A single is a bedroom to yourself, but still with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.


A twin, comprises two single beds in one room and this is where you book with a named other person who you know and will share the room with you. Again the kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared with the whole group.


All accommodation is self-catering. There is a large supermarket in the village called Papantoniou Supermarket, as well as cafes and restaurants, but most people on the Winter Studio prefer to cook for themselves.


The daily cleaning rota is compulsory, as in most youth hostels, and yes it does include having to clean the communal toilets and showers.

for artists and art students from around the world

The image to the right is of one

of the 'stone tents' in Lempa


Click here for more pictures

of Lempa campus


winter studio 2023

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