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summer studio 2017

for artists and art students from around the world

The Cost and Available Dates 2017


Most people attend the Cyprus Summer Studio for at least two weeks and we recommend you try to stay at least one month.


It is even possible to stay the whole summer, so if you are a student without summer accommodation during the vacation period you could spend your entire summer with us.


Groups available for Summer 2017 are:


  • A - 3 May to 10 May 2015 - FULL

  • B - 10 May to 17 May 2015 - FULL

  • C - 17 May to 24 May 2015 - FULL

  • D - 24 May to 31 May 2015 - FULL

  • E - 31 May to 7 June 2015 - FULL

  • F - 7 June to 14 June 2015 - FULL

  • G - 14 June to 21 June 2015 - FULL

  • H - 21 June to 28 June 2015 - FULL

  • I - 28 June to 5 July 2015 - FULL

  • J - 5 July to 12 July 2015 - FULL

  • K - 12 July to 19 July 2015 - FULL

  • L - 19 July to 26 July 2015 - FULL

  • M - 26 July to 2 August 2015 - FULL

  • N - 2 August to 9 August 2015 - FULL

  • O - 9 August to 16 August 2015 - FULL

  • P - 16 August to 23 August 2015  

  • Q - 23 August to 30 August 2015 

  •  R - 30 August to 6 September 2015  

  • S - 6 September to 13 September 2015  

  • T - 13 September to 20 September 2015  

  • U - 20 September to 27 September 2015  

  • V - 27 September to 4 October 2015


We charge for each group as a one week period, so you can string as many groups together as you want to make up the length of your stay.


Studio space is available (of course!) and bed rooms can be taken either as singles, twins or dorms. A single room is a bedroom to yourself, but you will still have to share WC, bathroom and kitchen facilities.


A twin, comprises two single beds in one room and for us it means you book with a named other person whom you know who will share the room with you. Again the WC, kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared with the whole group.


A dorm is a twin or triple room where you do not know the person(s) you will be sharing with and we allocate people to rooms. Again the WC, kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared with the whole group.


Each one week group costs


Single room: £100 (British pounds)

Twin room: £70 (British pounds per person - i.e. £140 per twin room)

Dorm room: £50 (British pounds per person)


Why British pounds? This was a rather tedious question we were asked recently, but the fact is most participants in this programme come from the UK. If you don't come from the UK you can still pay in euro, dollars or even Mongolian tögrögs if you like, but the sum has to be the same as the British pound rates shown.


Longer stays - 10% Discount


We welcome people to stay longer periods and this is a good idea as it is only when you stay longer that start to really appreciate Cyprus and the unusual environment of the College. It leads to some truly interesting work being produced in the studios. 


To encourage this we offer a 10% discount for people booking four consecutive groups or more.


Even longer stays - 25% Discount


If you would like to stay even longer we will offer a 25% discount for people booking eight consecutive groups or more.


This means a two month stay in a dorm room would be only £300. In a single room it would be only £600. As you can see, the idea of spending the entire Summer with us in Cyprus suggests it might be a lot less expensive than spending the entire summer at home.


Quiet and Busy Times


Do please note that both the College and Cyprus generally are much quieter places after mid-September, so you will be in a small group at the College at this time.


Not included: your travel (usually air fare) to and from Cyprus, any travel within Cyprus, travel (medical) insurance, food, art materials or other sundries.

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