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winter school 2014/2015

           Since 1981 we have been offering artists from Britain and other countries        

         around the world the opportunity to spend part or all of the winter months in    



         This is an opportunity to live and work (on your art) in an environment in which

            you can truly escape the pressures and difficulties of everyday life, to live the

                life of an artist. It is not luxurious in any sense, but the location and sense                        of freedom really is exhilarating. 


                     Unlike the summer months we are rarely busy in winter, so you will

                     have plenty of studio space at your disposal, and time to really get                                  on with some serious work. For some people this is an opportunity

                     to develop a body of work for an exhibition or specific project, and for

                     others it is a chance to rediscover the simple joy of making art.


                    You can arrange to stay for any period from two weeks up to six months

               (visa restructions permitting) and during that time you can not only have

          use of the studio spaces but organise public exhibitions of yoru work in the gallery on site, or elsewhere in Cyprus if you want to.


This is not a course and no one will critique work or attempt to programme your working day. However, as a community of artists, we hope a collective spirit will develop naturally, based on the interactions of different artists at the studios.


Do please note, that the winter months are quiet in Cyprus generally, and at the College in particular, so you will not be in the company of many people. However, by being on our island outside of the standard tourist season you will get to know the real Cyprus, and its history, landscape and ancient culture, in a far more authentic way, and for those who want to explore Cyprus, the cooler winter months are the time to do it!


"This is about escaping from the world, to make art. It is a simple, primitive life, but I have never felt so free just to be an artist."

- Sheridan Collier, British artist from Brighton

on the Summer Winter School 2013 

for artists and art students from around the world

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"Here it is all about the making of art. 

The simple stuff that attracted most of us to this art thing in the first place."

- Marcus Cope interviewed on the Cyprus College of Art

by Ross Walker in This is Tomorrow magazine.

Marcus is co-founder of the Marmite Prize for Painting.

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