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Applications for Programmes and Courses

We try to keep the application process as simple as possible. In general you will be asked to complete a basic application form, giving your personal details. If we need more information we will contact you for it.

If you are applying from outside Cyprus it is always a good idea to give a link to a website where we can see examples of your work. In some cases this is enough to allow our admissions tutors to make a decision, but if not we will ask you to send us more images (or if you live in Cyprus) to come and see us).

We do not usually interview face-to-face applicants from outside Cyprus, but in some cases we do conduct telephone interviews.

If the official deadline has passes it is still worth asking if there is space on any particular programme, although bear in mind that if you are not a European Union or EEA citizen there might not be sufficient time to apply for a student visa for you.


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