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space for artists/writers

Rent space in private "lock-up"

or communal artists' studios

in Lempa (Paphos)


Long term rental (two months or more) for artists from around the world

with or without living accommodation


If you are looking for short term studio rental

(with or without living accommodation) for less than two months please click here.




We have been welcoming artists, writers and other creative people to Cyprus, and providing work space for them here, for over 40 years.


Historically most have come from Britain, North America and Europe, but we are an open environment, so welcome artistic people from all over the world.*


Our environment and studio space is low tech, so any technical equipment you will have to provide yourself. There is internet (WiFi) access in the studios, but basically we just offer studio space for you to work in a stunning location, the village of Lemba near Paphos town.




Lemba is very rural and in many ways a primitive place in which to make art. We have welcomed some very great artists to use the space over the past 40 years, including figures like Terry Frost, Euan Uglow and Rachel Whiteread, but there is nothing fancy or posh about the place. It is picturesque in the true sense of the word, a bit ramshackle and a working environment for real artists rather than dilettantes.


Lempa is located on cliffs overlooking the sea, and the small town of Paphos is about 3 miles away.


It is not suitable for everyone, as it is not a luxurious place in any sense (as we say primitive!) but the cost is very low and the stones of Lemba exude the long history of the place as a creative environment made by artists for artists.


To find out more about short or long term studio rental in Lemba

and see pictures of the place CLICK HERE.





* Please note we do not organise visas, so anyone applying for space who requires a visa for Cyprus will have to do so themselves without our assistance. This includes letters of invitation, which we DO NOT issue. Citizens of European Union, EEA and EFTA countries do not need a visa. Citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries can stay up to three months without a visa. If in doubt please ask.

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