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for visiting art students

We have been welcoming art students from other institutions around the world to Cyprus College of Art for over 40 years. In fact the Cyprus College of Art started life, back in 1969, as a summer visit to Cyprus by a group of art tutors and students from Leeds College of Art in England.


Since 2014 we have increasingly focussed on providing studio space and low cost youth hostel style living accommodation for visiting groups of art, design and architecture students, so that it is now one of our main activities.


Not all visiting groups want to use our living accommodation, which is basic, with shared cooking, washing and WC facilities, but for those that do we can accommodate up to 20 students at a time in shared rooms. Groups can stay for anything from one week upwards, and the facilities are available between the months of September to May annually.


As well as studio space and youth hostel style living accommodation we can help with the organisation and planning of trips, including organising coach trips to see places of interest, or advising organisers on places to see, public transport and events taking place. We can also provide teaching, or at least crits for art students, either in-house or using bought in tutors. For most visiting groups, however, the preference is to use the College as a base to explore Cyprus and its history, culture and environment. Having studio space to work in is great for individual students' creative practice, or group work with students.


In the past year we have welcomed student groups from the University for

Creative Arts (UK), University Campus Suffolk (UK), Masaryk University Brno

(Czech Republic) and De Montford University (UK), as well as individual students from numerous other institutions.


Students can of course arrange to visit and work at our space on their own, and many do, but increasingly college, university and student art groups are organising working field trips for groups to places like the Cyprus, and on these access to studio space is a real bonus.




Individual students  £70 a week.


For groups of students (four people or more), £60 a week per student.


This pays for studio space AND youth hostel style living accommodation in a shared room. All accommodation is self catering, and there is a supermarket in the village where the College is located. There are also local cafes and restaurants.


You will need to also organise flights, which vary in price at different times of year. Low cost airlines including EasyJet,, RyanAir and others all fly to Cyprus. For information on the cost of flights click here.


If you are interested in discussing bringing a group to Cyprus between October 2020 and May 2021 please contact us.

- Marcus Cope interviewed on the Cyprus College of Art

by Ross Walker in This is Tomorrow magazine.

Marcus is co-founder of the Marmite Prize for Painting.

"Here it is all about the making of art. The simple stuff that attracted most of us to this art thing in the first place."

For stays between 1 October 2022 and 31 May 2023 we charge:

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